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Membership Benefits

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  • Simpolicy give-a-way
  • HealthCare Reform blogs providing the latest updates
  • My Well-being membership log-in to discounts and carrier information
  • Hotline to claim’s assistant or benefit questions
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The Wellness Membership

Some of us are blessed with naturally good genes and others have arduously transformed our lives just to fit into jeans. Contrary to popular belief, we all have to work hard whether or not we are genetically fortunate. How we treat our bodies directly impacts the quality and longevity of our lives and overall well-being. Being healthy is not entirely about how we look on the outside; it’s more about how our bodies work on the inside.

Instead of focusing on physical changes, let’s focus on changes that we may not be able to see. The motivating factor for treating our bodies well does not have to be weight loss. Ask yourself, “How is exercising and eating right going to affect my body? My heart? My arteries? My liver? My lungs?” Let the weight loss, improved muscle tone and increased flexibility be an added benefit – a reward for doing right.

We strive to help our Simpolicy members get the most benefits from their health plans. Carriers offer many other discount programs and wellness literature on-line to help you navigate through illnesses, disease management, newborns or simple health questions.

Be conscientious.

Be healthy.

Be well.

Become a Member

Become a Member

When you purchase an Individual policy with Simpolicy you become a member.
Once you choose a plan we will e-mail you your carrier of choice wellness benefits information. Contact us at or Call 888-980-8150